1. The Mantra is our principal belief. It must be knwon, owned and energized by all.

2. The Endah Kasih Model Of Care is the foundation of Endah Kasih service. These steps must be used in every interaction to ensure satisfaction, and expectation.

The reality of pure service organization is that the "product" is actually a series of performance. thus, product quality depends on the quality of the performers lovers. Endah Kasih lovers consistently perform service at a high level. Patient quality of lofe and itself depends on performers-Lovers quality.

The Endah Kasih story is about realizing human potential, it is about exceptional people doing exceptional work which includes:-

a) A Endah Kasih career mean a daily opportunity to progressively apply core values of effectively and efficiently serving patients. Reinforced every day in multiple ways, these values are a decision-making and compass; they guide, they remind, and they energize Lovers who do not do the work.

b) We past the world around; we ponder how the case is put by different people; we read the poetry, we meditate over the literature; we play the music; we change our mind; we reach an understanding. Society evolves this way, not by shouting each other down but by the unique capacity of unique individual human beings to comprehend each other.


1. The first is to place the interest of patient above all other interests.

2. The second is to pool talent to create a "union of forces".

3. The third is to deliver nursing care with time condensed efficiency.

Our great services focus on execution. We focus on delivering the performance that is promised and expected. Core Value cannot be hindden, and success encourages imitation. The key is execution. What is most impressive about Endah Kasih is how well it executes its core values and strategies.

Attracting great people is the first rule of execution. Great service companies, like ours attract great people to perform the service. It is a simple idea. It is a powerful idea.


A. First Component

Endah Kasih attracts and retains top notch people. Attracting employees possessing NOT ONLY the ability and background to be successful inexecuting the core value BUT ALSO the personal values to be successful.

Finding people whose values align with the Endah Kasih's core values because Endah Kasih is so patients centered and colloborative.

The personal value of the performer (Lovers) directly influences the value of the performance (Loving).

B. Second Component

The combination of Endah Kasih Mantra and Endah Kasih Model of Care encourages people best efforts.

Making a modest effort is not usually a comfortable performance level for Lovers at Endah Kasih. Some Lovers do perform at that level, of course, but most exhibit strong discretionary effort; they exert the maximum amount of effort one can bring to the job rather the minimum effort required to avoid adverse consequences.

Nothing such as "It's not my job".

C. Third Component

Endah Kasih's collaborative culture fasters personal growth. Not only typical work hard, but we also continually improve our skills and knowledge.

Positive peer pressure encourages extra effort, peer teaching cultivates personal growth.

Endah Kasih Lovers learn from their teammates; they not only have reason to improve, but they also have a teacher willing to help them.


Endah Kasih reason for being to help the sickest patients reasonates with people who have humane values and want to make a difference in their work; in other word, people who are likely to be well suited for intensive, high stakes service work.

The Mantra hits you consciously or subconscious every day

a) Endah Kasih core values nurture a culture of respect that contributes to the quality of work life. What is chrished (values) shapes behaviour (culture)

b) To not respect patients' presence, voice, dignity, and vulnerability in Endah Kasih that prides itself on putting patients' interest first is uncomfortable.

c) To protect patient's confidentiality 

Money doesn't drive the bus. Mission does. "I could be the nurse I always wanted to be"

To be hard on ourselves, it is not just the leaders who are self-criticial. Institutional pride encourages considerable worrying throughout the Lovers. It is not unusual to talk to Endah Kasih Lovers who are worried that the organization is losing focus on its core values that people aren't working hard enough.

It is a story of a powerful, world-renowned brand that is created not from marketing communications but rather from service performance.

It is a story about consistently executing a vision. It can be our story, your story. But it's possible through New Employee Extensive Orientation Program (NEEOP), Lovers Annual Training (LAT), and Lovers Heritage Day (LHD).

Quality to be monitored and recorded:-

a) Wellness on healthcare and innovative care, not sick care in different setting for comfort and values and also tailor-made care.

b) Uncompromising level of cleanliness and safety are the responsibilities of every Lovers.

c) "Smile you are o stage". Always maintain positive eyes contact.

Protecting the assets of the company is the responsibility of every Lovers. Conserve energy properly, maintain our venues and protect our environment.

Each Lover is empowered. or example, when a patient has a problem or needs something special, you should break away from your regular duties, address and resolve the issue.

Take pride in and care of our personal appearance, everyone is responsible to convey a professional image by adhering to Endah Kasih grooming standards.

There is only one first impression: Wow factor ; turn wow into action

A key question for any Lover is : "If our organization were to disappear overnight, to vanish, would customers really miss us".